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We support customers for the complete life cycle of equipment through our extensive network.

Technical Field Support Include:
  • Pre Delivery Inspection -

    In order to ensure a good “First Hand Impressions” while the machines are received by our customers, a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Service has been added for our customers.

  • Erection & Commissioning -

    It is a process for complete erection (check) and commissioning procedure before hand over to customers. Check point is Tools, FOC Parts, and Operator Kit etc. in the machine.

  • MSI Commission’s -

    “After Sales Service” is an important element for our “Value Delivery”. In order to further increase our customer focus and service levels, MSI Commission’s has been added to our customers.

    Components of MSI have been rationalized like S0 (50 Hrs.), S1 (250 Hrs.), S2 (500 Hrs.), S3 (1000 Hrs.), S4 (1500 Hrs.), S5 (2000 Hrs.), S6 (2500 Hrs.) etc.

  • Warranty and Post Warranty Services -

    It is a kind of free service which we provide for 1 or 2 year depends upon machine and commissioning date.

  • Customized Maintenance Contracts -

    It has been introduced an Annual Service Contract (ASC)) for better monitoring of the machines. It is a kind of inspection which contains 15 visits from our authorized service engineer in a year. Additional benefit of 5 % DISCOUNT in each and every parts of the machine in particular year. It is also known as “Post Warranty Services”.

    • On Site and Plant based Training programs at –
      • Kharagpur Training Center (West Bengal)
      • Dharwad Training Center (Karnataka)
    • Proactive Machine Inspections, Condition Monitoring and Maintenance Planning Programs.
    • Troubleshooting, Breakdown Repairs and Preventive Maintenance Services.
    • Troubleshooting, Breakdown Repairs and Preventive Maintenance Services.
    • For GI-series Machines, real time and proactive support to the Customers using Global e-Service and ConSite reports.
    • Parts Inventory Management.
    • Consultative Support to improve operational efficiency.