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To reduce operating and maintenance costs, one of the simplest yet most effective measures customers can take is to maintain the cleanliness of the machine's systems. Using Tata Hitachi genuine filters will not only keep the machine clean, but will also make its engine and hydraulic components last longer.

The superior quality of genuine filters gives the customer peace of mind that the warranty given by the company will remain valid. These have been designed to help the machines run at optimum performance levels and minimize any potential, unscheduled downtime.

In the long term, customers will benefit from cost savings through less downtime, greater productivity on the job site and a higher resale value.

Use Tata Hitachi Genuine Filter For:

  • High machine performance.
  • Increased engine longevity.
  • Reduced unscheduled downtime.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Higher resale value.

Now, Tata Hitachi also offers a wide range of filter kits for various maintenance intervals.

Major problems faced with Non-Genuine filters:

  • Tendency to clog prematurely due to poor quality filter element.
  • Low fuel filtration efficiency due to poor pleating.
  • Delamination of pleating from the end caps due to poor adhesive or improper curing of plastics resulting in contaminants escaping into the fuel system.