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Tata Hitachi understands the market's need for compact machines: excavators that can do the work that is traditionally done by using manpower. To mechanize work in sites accessible only by mini trucks, tractor trailers and pickups; to be nimble, fast, economical, compact and versatile. The Tata Hitachi Mini Excavators provide the right type of product depending on the job site construction needs. The product line up we offer will cover all customer requirements through the optimum use of available technology – to suit application requirements, offer the best maintainability and operator comfort at lowest operating costs. This is why Tata Hitachi's mini-excavator line up has gained popularity amongst clients in India.

With designs ranging from the conventional compact excavators to the increasingly-popular zero tail swing type with a reduced cabin back that doesn't hang over the crawler, Tata Hitachi's offerings vary from the value products to the more sophisticated ones. With these machines, the operators feel safer, comfortable and can do more, enabling the customer to find the best returns on the investment he is making.

Tata Hitachi has been pioneers in the mini excavator market in India since 1999. The company has developed the expertise to offer solutions based on Indian conditions and meets all local regulations. The machines are designed and manufactured understanding the needs of the Indian customer and the value he seeks. It is therefore no wonder that Tata Hitachi has emerged as the largest selling manufacturer of mini excavators in India. Always at the forefront in innovation and deployment of technology, the company aims to launch improved and technologically superior products in the future too.